You’re not coming to Annie’s party? …Sorry, I have a conflict. It conflicts with the enjoyment of my life.

Ellis is still sleeping on the floor at night. And it takes us nearly three hours to get him to actually fall asleep, but he has yet to escape from his bedroom and I consider that a coup.

Mr. Swirley had a fantastic father’s day. It started with a 5:45 AM call from Oak Park Arms telling me that Ho-Ho didn’t have any medicine. That makes sense. I went out on Thursday to drop off meds, filled the box and then took it home with me. No breakfast in bed for Papi. I decided to bring mom back to our place for the day since Mrs. S. (Ho-Ho’s sister) was flying in from Italy for a little layover in Chicago. A few hours later I left Mr. Swirley with Ho-Ho and EK while I went to O’Hare; quality family time for big Lee. Then EK decided not to nap and cried for an hour. Next up, lunch and shoe shopping with the ladies and an overtired kid. Can it get any better? Talk about celebrating dad.

EK loves his Auntie Dana

Of course I made him a special dinner…a turkey wrap since we are out of bread and spent three hours putting Ellis to sleep. And when I say I made, I mean Mr. Swirley made one for me. He really hit the jackpot when he married me. Especially when he had to remind me of our wedding anniversary this month (“you know what Sunday is, right?”)

A few weeks ago we spent a family day (that’s what Ellis calls everything we do together – family hug, family walk, family day) downtown. It was awesome. Millennium Park, Blues Fest and cell phones out of batteries.

Skyline water

College tuition fund
Trains are much more exciting than concerts.

And the Chicago pools opened up last weekend. Ellis seemed to vacillate between being absolutely terrified and thoroughly enjoying himself while swimming. I am sure I scarred him in some way but at least he kept cool.

Contraband…no treats on the pool deck.

Yesterday EK informed me that I can no longer refer to Mr. Swirley as “Papi”, only daddy. He, however, can call him Papi, Dada, Daddy and Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I call BS on that one.

I would write more about Ho-Ho but the mere thought of it exhausts me.

I bought a pair of knock-off sunglasses off of Ebay. They might looks stupid, but they have a good weight so I am going to go with them. I also bought a pair of gold shoes. Both items are perfect for our July 4 in northern Wisconsin.

3 thoughts on “You’re not coming to Annie’s party? …Sorry, I have a conflict. It conflicts with the enjoyment of my life.

  1. Lee’s Father’s Day celebration sounds about as awesome as Doug’s. Doug did yard work and then had to make dinner for everyone because I am just the worst wife ever.

  2. Although in the morning I’d promised to take Jim out to dinner, we had been scrapping and at each other’s throats all day, so when dinner time came around and he asked what the plan was, I snapped “I don’t care what you do for dinner.” So he took himself out to dinner, and I stayed home with Clay and had a bowl of Life cereal and a leftover chicken leg. I believe that slides me into 1st place in the Worst Wife Ever contest.

Wise words? Bring it.