You can pick your friends…

We are now officially big time. For real. How so? Condo? eh. Baby? Yea, we have one but who doesn’t? Chest freezer? AWWWW YEA. Mr. Swirley has been talking about this sucker for days. Weeks even. He uses the excuse of needing one to store boob milk, but I now know chest freezers are what separate the men from the boys. Even if it is only 5.1 cu. ft. of storage.

So if you have a side of beef you need stored for a few months, you know who to call.

This past week Mr. Swirley and I went out on our first date post-baby. Well, that isn’t entirely true. We went out to dinner once before but I am pretty sure I fell asleep in my pulled pork sandwich and said maybe four words total while we told each other we were having good time (in reality all we wanted to do was sleep). This time we went out hard. Remember, we now own a chest freezer; we aren’t screwing around. First, wait for it, we went to the Container Store. Then, REI. What. Then dinner where we had burgers and a beer. It was crazy. In all seriousness it was actually pretty fun and we weren’t worried at all about Ellis. We were, however, worried about our neighbors who were watching him. According to them he behaved and they volunteered to watch him again but I have my suspicions that he was naughty.

Today we had a family day at the Garfield Park Conservatory. If you haven’t been, I recommend you check it out. From our house you take Ashland Avenue to Madison Street. Take Madison past the fifth crack house and take an immediate right. Speed past the “abandoned” house with people walking in and out of it and the corner store with a big “NO LOITERING” sign that may or may not be blocked by loiterers and then you are there!

It’s actually a wonderful conservatory and just the antidote to the winter blues. We took a few pictures there – even some that don’t include Ellis. Nuts, I know.

Ellis wanted to dress to match the xmas room. He is such a prima donna
Had we planned ahead, this would have been a nice spot for an Xmas card picture. Instead we sent out a card where people think Ellis is crying. Oh well. Always next year.
I like orange. I do not, however, like the desert.

And my favorite.

We are heading to ‘sconsin for the holidays. I am currently trying to bulk up by solely eating peanut brittle and veggie straws. Screw you old man winter.

Wise words? Bring it.