Yet again I’m hustling, hustling, hustling

I lost my wallet again. AGAIN! This makes, God, I don’t even know how many times I have done this. There was that one time I left it on a Metro bench in DC, the time I lost it on our first day on our honeymoon and the zillions of times in between. In college it got so bad that my Madison bank started charging me for replacement cards. I really don’t mean to be irresponsible but it just happens. And things have just gotten worse since I have had Ellis. What is most stressful is that my wallet held my mom’s prescriptions for August and September. Prescriptions that have to be picked up in person. Prescriptions that have to be reported as lost to the State.So I am pretty much blacklisted in her doctor’s office. I guess the silver lining is that I haven’t lost Ellis as of yet (knock on wood). And no, that time in Kohls’ doesn’t count because he was only gone for maybe 45 seconds.

Bad news aside, last weekend was awesome. First, Ellis spent all Friday shopping with me. Like the entire day. It was 75 and sunny out and he slept in his stroller. This is a rarity. Like a shooting star or Michelle Bachmann making sense. There were a few questionable decisions made by yours truly (e.g., letting Ellis crawl around the changing area while I was essentially nude), but overall it was a great day that didn’t end in me throwing the baby at Lee and fleeing to the basement with a jug of wine. Not like that ever happens. Oh, and we almost got hit by a car that drove up onto the sidewalk. Almost.

Then on Saturday we met BUCKY!! Yes, people Bucky Badger was once again in Chicago. Last year was his first time visiting Will’s Northwoods Inn and now it is an August tradition.

August 2010
August 2011 – bump is now a baby!

Mr. Swirley spent Saturday celebrating the last days of BPugh’s bachelorhood which included a roof-top bbq, a limo ride (?) and whirleyball. The old men made a pit stop to celebrate with the badger band and we totally ruined their “macho man vibe” ( note the tiny child in the photo below).

I realize this is a crappy photo but I wasn’t about to ask Bucky to move.

I was really happy that Ellis got to meet a lot of his other FWC uncles and can’t wait to hit them up for jobs for EK when he is a bit older. 

I love this shot. Just two guys hanging out. I wish Ellis had feet.

The rest of Saturday was spent with the ladies over at Susie Q’s digs. Ellis kicked it with his new friend, Scarlet, and I am she praying didn’t get sick from the germs that just emanate from his general person. Susie Q made us an amazing meal and we talked about girl things like how our significant others don’t clean the bathroom. Dude, we got karazy. It was really fun, especially after Ellis spilled my drink all over me and then finally decided to go to bed.

Sunday was yet another beautiful day and we just hung out and took pictures of Ellis. Before we had a baby I took a lot of photos. They aren’t great, but I like to document things. I now take the same number of photos, but all of Ellis. It is not because I am obsessed with him – well, I sort of am. I more obsessed with the idea of stopping time – I am desperate to be able to remember what he is like at this age – so small and cuddly and crazy. I also have a lot of photos of him because the free time that I do have is spent with him and he is such  a baby about letting me do anything else.

We often threaten to put Ellis in the smokestack when he is naughty. If we don’t have time for a smokestack time-out we can throw him in baby jail out front.

Work release from baby jail

Swingens are in town this weekend and the Air and Water show is gearing up to destroy my eardrums.

Wise words? Bring it.