With me magic always comes first.

Guess who is still one of the top destinations for those spending their precious time searching the web for updates on Overboard cast members? That’s right, friends, f’ing SWIRLEYTIME.

grant overboard

I don’t know how to make the pictures clearer, but if you squint, you can see that, right? #1 in the WHOLE WIDE INTERWEBS for “where is he now Jeffrey Wiseman from Overboard?”  Besides the obvious grammatical issues associated with this particular search, this is the best thing that could ever be typed into the little Google box. Except for: Swirleytime’s exclusive access to Jamie Wild’s wedding (which is happening people, it’s happening. I mean, the wedding. I saw it on the Facebook. I don’ t think I am invited.) Just know that Swirleytime shows up before the Wikipedia entry for Overboard and even my boy J’s IMDB entry. You knew me when.

That is all.

Wise words? Bring it.