Who loves ya baby?

The G is known for his sunglasses. At least amongst the Ho-Hos. When I was little, he and grams sported those flimsy plastic sunglasses inserts you would stick inside your glasses.

the Gs in the Branson butterfly house. Isn’t she lovely?

I would wear them when we drove to grandpa’s Chicago office and felt pretty much like a badass.
Then he upgraded to the sunglasses that fit over your glasses. BIG HIT. In 2007, Mr. Swirley slipped them on and was sold.

As you know, Mr. Swirley’s birthday is coming up and what do you think arrived in the mail yesterday?
A brand new pair of HD VISION ULTRAS (“takes sunglass technology to a whole new level!”). They are high def people, high def! Since Mr. Swirley wears contacts, the G decided he didn’t need the bulky pair (though I would have loved it).

Does he look 33 or what?

We both also appreciate the G’s attention to detail when it comes to sunglasses care.

He is always looking out for our best interests. Thanks, G!

Wise words? Bring it.