That’s what worries me about this guy, he’s equal parts Hanson and Manson.

I just asked Mr. Swirley to move over one couch cushion because I don’t want to touch him. It’s been that kind of day. I feel like a terrible mom for feeling so frustrated with my kid, but I can’t lie. I just wanted to shake the living crap out of him today (I obviously didn’t actually shake him.) At around 2PM, Mr. Swirley called me four seconds after EK threw a plastic bucket at my face and nearly snapped my glasses in half. I promptly hung up as Ellis attempted to break our new vacuum cleaner and destroy what was left of my broken spirit. Mr. Swirley called back a few minutes later with a new time-out suggestion which I ran it by the boss lady at preschool; all I can say is “GAME ON!”. However, EllisĀ  might not be able to understand my certain demands through his mom’s tears and shaking shoulders, thus enabling him to continue ignoring me like the amazing 16 month old he is.

I just read through my cousin’s blog posts from June 2011 to see if her daughter drove her nuts when she was 16 months old. Nope.That makes me feel better about myself.

Mr. Swirley is trying to read this post and I told him to “step off. This is my creative process.” See! He is sitting way to close too me.

Friday Night Lights is awesome.

Tonight marked day two of our feeble attempt at weekly menu planning. Since Ellis weighed in 2lbs underweight, we are making a more concerted effort at organizing our meals vs. a nightly “eenie, meenie, minie, moe.” Good news is he ate a ton. Bad news is that it is likely an unsustainable “streak.

My amazon prime membership expires Feb. 14. How terrible is that? It’s my most favorite mom shopping perk.

And for the biggest news, on Monday I spent my lunch hour at Banana Republic and purchased nearly $800 worth of clothing for $130.00. Granted, it likely cost BR $12.00 and a sandwich to make the clothes, but I am pretty pumped about my new shrugs.

Here’s to hoping I am a more patient and loving mom tomorrow. Bwahhahahaha.

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