Take that past self!

Guess who got her wallet back? With prescriptions in tact and $20 I don’t even remember being in the billfold? That’s right people! First the $100 ticket is waived and then God is kind enough to have a Bed, Bath & Beyond employee call me to tell me they had my wallet. “We’ve had it for a while,” she said. Weird that they waited a week to call me, but hey, I am certainly not complaining.

And for an extra dose of humility, while we were waiting at Rush Hospital for Ho-Ho’s scripts, I spoke at length to a woman whose daughter was being treated at the clinic. Her daughter was accepted in a ballet program at Juilliard at age 12, broke her ankle at 14 and has has chronic pain since. Last week she had her foot amputated. However, she is not letting her medical issues deter her from her professional goals of becoming a PA and is currently well into her Master’s Degree. And I complain about the wait and coffee.

Wise words? Bring it.