Enjoy winter sports at Swiss Chard…;Sunstroke Valley, Idaho. Excellent food; Oh, boy! Food! That’s my favorite dish

Home again, home again jiggety jig. We successfully returned from our CA vacation in one piece. I think Mr. Swirley sincerely doubted the viability of our plan to fly home with our 17 month old monster without drugging him/ourselves or getting kicked off the plane. Why? Because EK had TWO epic breakdowns on the way out to LA. Oh well, I think most people probably feel the same way when they fly and are just too embarrassed to start screaming their faces off. And American Airlines gave EK his own seat even though his parents were too cheap to buy one. Take that, $50 in baggage fees…we came out ahead!

While in LA, we saw family, friends, Ah-nold, that boxing dude from the Wire, and Tara Reid. It was a real Hollywood experience. However, we did severely underestimate the amount of “work” the vacation would be since Ellis doesn’t like to just lay out and relax. What’s wrong with him? A drink, a sunset and a crossword puzzle? It’s like he’s never taken a vacation.

Below are a bunch of pictures in no particular order.

Cousins Caroline and Clay pretended to not notice Ellis’ questionable behavior over a civilized breakfast in Manhattan Beach
Great Aunt Jo – such a wonderful woman. She and Caroline flew down from San Francisco for a quick visit. Amazing.
Looking at EK and Mr. Swirley from Aunt Donna’s balcony – where I enjoyed my drink and crossword. Suckers.
EK’s second job (first job was at DSW). Fired a minute after he was hired. But, he did get three Sesame Street video games as his compensation package.
Palm Springs. Priceline. Suck it, Thornleys (A&D)
Uncle Pat schooling Ellis.
Papi and Ms. Shierra

il museo. CHICKEN!

Ellis and Ellis. EK gravitated to “old ellis” like they have known each other for years.
Uncle Kert Bang!
Beach time.
New friends at Universal Studios thanks to “great” uncle Joe.
Next thing you, he will have one of those “no fear” and calvin stickers on his car.

Apparently, when we were visiting with our friends and family, I was too busy catching up to take pictures. Trust me, they are beautiful people inside and out. I only wish we were able to spend more time with them.

Not one minute after we walked through our front door, Ho-Ho called to tell me her legs were swollen, she had bumps on her fingers and hadn’t slept in 1.5 years. God I missed her.

Today marks my first day sans soda. Again. I am 99% sure my bones are hollow due to years of soda intake, but I figured, “what the hell?” So fingers crossed I am not as wussy as I think I am and can actively choose to be a healthier person. I also ate an entire case thing of cherry tomatoes and a bowl of cream of wheat. I am on a roll! Now if we could only get EK to eat more than cheese fish and chips and salsa. Ole!