Babies love samoas, right?

So the cat is out the bag. We are cooking up a little one for fall delivery (Aug. 31).

I have been stressed about what to eat since we got the good news. Recommendations of steaming deli meats to consuming a max of 12 oz of fish/week have me running toward the only food options that 1) I am sure are safe and 2) our baby loves: Fruit, vegetables and girl scout cookies. Specifically, baby Swirley hearts Samoas. Yes, each serving (a mere two cookies.. TWO!) offers up eight grams of fat and 30% of your rec. daily saturated fat intake, but I have decided that they also boast a solid dose of this DHA business everyone raves about. look at that noggin – it’s huge (in a good way)! samoas=DHA=smart baby. so i am going to keep eating them.