Easing the transition to Kindergarten one episode at a time

You guys!!! I have eight weeks until EK heads to Kindergarten. I know it sounds like a lot of time but honestly, it might as well be tomorrow.

I know, I know, it will be exciting and fun and blah blah blah. I’m terrified. Why?

– Tardy slips. I’ve toured those schools and seen the kids lined up one second after the bell rings to get a slip and march into class. I can’t even get my kid to the bathroom on time, let alone school.

– Goodbye impromptu vacations. Fine, we never took them…but we could’ve. We should’ve. [sob]

– This is the first step in my kid moving out and only calling me on the day after my birthday. I’m not complaining; I’ll take whatever I can get but COME ON! I can’t keep up with this new pace.

But let’s focus our attention on the kid who actually is about to get his life totally upended. For months, we’ve been on the receiving end of “I’m nervous to go to Kindergarten,” and “it makes me sad that I won’t see my pre-K friends every day”. Cue knife through the heart.

We found a few books to help with the transition, but I also thought it wise to assemble a list of shows and/or movies to illustrate just how awesome school really is…we’ve got to do something on those rainy summer days. Plus he’ll sit on my lap which is extra incentive for me to turn on the boob tube.

PHASE I: Getting them through the door.

51AB2AMG6QL1. Emily’s First Hundred Days of School. Emily (bunny) starts Kindergarten and thus a countdown to rage at the 100 days of school party. Her relationships with classmates grow closer as well as her understanding of new concepts.  I hear these 100-day parties are pretty common now, so why not get the excitement going early? And you can buy the book on which this animated tale is based here.

2. The Magic School Bus is a perennial favorite in our house. Subscribers can stream four seasons of the show via Netflix and watch their kids surrender to the awesomeness that is Lily Tomlin voice-overs educational field trips that they’ll never take in real life.

PRO TIP: Leave the room when the show starts to avoid getting the opening song suck in your noggin.

3. Leap Frog Let’s Go to School.These animals seem fairly trustworthy to my kid, so this episode seemed to resonate with him. Our fair protagonists take it upon themselves to ease a preschooler friend’s angst about starting Kindergarten and hilarity abounds. Fine, it’s not that hilarious, but it is effective in calming a little dude’s nerves.

PHASE II: Keeping them interested.

Have a curious kid on your hands? I mean, of course you do? I recently read a study reporting that the average four-year-old asks 390 questions a day. So use the next few weeks to teach them that learning kicks ass…especially now that you’ll have other adults to field some of these questions..

4. Modern Marvels. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Sit down, pick an appropriate episode and you might even learn something yourself!. Our favorite episodes include “Helicopters”, “Shoes” and of course “Stink”.

nye5. Bill Nye, the Science Guy. [swoon] We all know and love this goofball. He makes complicated theories easy to comprehend and maintains viewers’ attention effortlessly. The dude is inspiring for even the youngest of scientists – Hell, he makes me want to go back to school!

6. Sid the Science Kid. Sid might ask more questions than my own kid. If that’s the case, condolences to that dude’s parents. Anyway, I like this show because it presents elementary school as a welcoming place with teachers who work with the kids to solve 12 bazillion science questions. EK recently busted out his own “hypothothisis” thanks to Sid, so it seems like some of what he’s watching is actually sinking in.

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