Yesterday marked the day Little Miss Krissa (LMK) and I had been anticipating for months: the Babies and Tots Consignment Sale. I love any reason to spend money and have many needs (er, wants) when it comes to stuff for Ellis. Yes, our house is small and yes, we did owe the Man this year, but there were still a few bucks to be spent on a pop-up tent, a sweet track suit and one of those bead/wire thingamajigs that are supposed to work on kids’ dexterity and hand-eye coordination. LMK is five weeks out from her due date, has yet to pack her hospital bag and needed a few items before Carmen Pickle joins us on the outside world. So, after a burrito dinner and a summary of her weekend birthing class (eek!) including some stories about a fun Russian couple, we were on our way.

Before going any further, I would like to note that LMK and I are similar in a number of ways. For starters, we get anxious about getting places on time, especially when there is (stated or unstated) competition involved. So off we went and immediately hit a traffic jam. I tried to laugh at the situation but inside I was starting to panic about being “late” to a consignment sale. I know, it’s slightly ridiculous. Drive drive drive. Ten minutes later we arrive and score a sweet parking spot. Turns out we were 30 minutes early and had to line up outside next to the cupcake stand. Guess who was #1 in line. Oh yea. But people with babies got to stand inside. Can you believe it? Note to self: next time lug Ellis along so can jump in front of people sans babies. While we waited for the gates to open, we talked about the likelihood of a government shutdown and all of those poor saps (namely LMK’s interns) who are going to be furloughed. And of course we obviously joked about elbowing people to get in to this sale.  But as that Russian birthing class couple would probably tell you, в каждой шутке есть доля правды (trans: there is a grain of truth in every joke). We were going to take those bitches down.

So the doors open and what do we do? We stop for a second and the chiropractery booth sucks us in. Chiropractery. While other preggos are streaming in, we are squirming in front of two girls trying to sell us their bill of goods. Johnny jumpers were flying out the door, bumbos sliding across the floor and boppies whizzing through the air…and we were talking about proper spine alignment. As far as we were concerned we had the car in a perfect spot, were first in line, and most notably the biggest suckers in the room. Finally we were straight up with the girls and we joined the foray. Fortunately for our babies, we nabbed some seriously sweet goods (cute clothes, bottles, boppy, high chair thing, bead/wire thing, tent, little car, two safety gates, sleep sheep and more) for $175 total. All in all, it was pretty successful shopping venture minus the Chiro hiccup. The only thing I really wanted that we didn’t purchase was this little gem:

Nothing has me thinking about a little sister for EK like a sweet hair adornment such as this.