the notorious r.o.y

Ellis has been smushed, smashed and cuddled for approximately fifteen days straight. This week’s smushers were Katie Marie and KJY – both of them old friends and roommates. When I moved in with Katie Marie our sophomore year of college I told her I thought I would make her cry before she made me cry. Nice, I know.

KJY has taken to calling Ellis Roy since pre-conception. She also is certain she will eventually be provided with an opportunity to give him a bowl cut. I have been hearing these two “facts” since I was about 18 years old. The “Roy” name is in reference to Overboard (the greatest movie on earth) and the bowl cut goes alone with KJY’s obsession with bad hair. She tried to convince me to let her give me a “perm for a day” when we were in high school. I didn’t give in as I had already had a horrible experience with a body wave a few years prior.

Anyway, both ladies arrived and have been loving Ellis to death. He doesn’t seem to mind and I sure as hell don’t. Being hippies, they both came bearing gifts from REI (snowsuit and “base layer”??) for which we are very appreciative.

Here they are mocking family portraits
And here we are mocking Ellis.

                                                               lastly, here I am being a bad mom

KJY is off to New Zealand on Sunday to spread her hippiedom by wwofing it on organic farms with other expats, smelly hippies and Kiwis. She will be shaving goats and fighting off criminals (aka Ozzies) or whatever one does while backpacking through NZ. You can follow her travels via her blog:

Yesterday, Ellis and I visited Ho-Ho in Oak Park. She told me she is “sick and tired of being harassed” by one of her neighbors. Apparently she thinks he is putting the moves on her. The thing is, he suffered from a stroke and has a limited vocabulary. Not sure how to play this one. She also told me that her cash had been lifted because she didn’t spend it and has the receipts to prove it. You can see how this doesn’t make a ton of sense as one wouldn’t have receipts if you in fact did not spend any money. Alas, it’s December and these antics will likely continue through the holidays.

Ellis favorite musical group is the Beastie Boys. Can’t help it that the kid has class.