Want a sammich?

My grandma always used to ask me if I wanted a “sammich” when we visited or were up at the cabin. According to the three sisters, grandma hated cooking. I never noticed and I think that by the time I rolled around, she didn’t mind all that much. Especially when my requests centered around Jello with sour cream on top.

Today marks the Ho-Hos’ 60th wedding anniversary (unless my math is off). Grandma passed away in 2007, but it definitely still counts. They grew up in the same CT town and the G briefly dated her sister Glo. Scandalous, I know. Gramps started hanging around the farm and met grandma while she was home from Columbia recouping from a bout with pneumonia.  He accepted the fact that her father painted a horse with shoe polish to sell it to someone who wanted a “black” horse and that her mother’s maiden name was Boyle (Mildred Dorkis). She accepted that his parents eloped and that he was an only child (eee gads!) Twenty ice cream cones later, they were married; EK was a Good Humor man, after all.

The G with Aunt Jo

The G and Wood girls

Vacations, school and baths of ice and vodka in the tiny studio in NYC (don’t ask) filled up the next couple of years.

A move to the Midwest and a few years later they had three lovely, albeit wild, girls. Grandma even sewed their Easter dresses. For a woman who probably wouldn’t consider herself domestic, she sure as Hell tried (when convenient).

Grams is holding Mrs. S and Mrs. D while Ho-Ho looks suspiciously into the camera.
Uh. Mazing.

Then everyone grew up and had babies and all the while the Gs put up with us weirdos.

And they went to my wedding.

This photo is up in all of our houses. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited she was for this day. She made the G buy a new suit and she searched for days for her lavender ensemble (much to his chagrin…as he was her chauffeur). CadillacJohnnyMic walked her down the aisle and everyone made a beeline for her after the ceremony. Let’s be honest, she was the bell of the ball.

It’s been 3.5 years (is that possible?) since she passed and overall the G is doing well. He makes his soup and sammich for lunch and keeps himself busy “telling lies” to his friends and flirting with his PT girls. We try to encourage him to move up to Illinois, but like any man in his right mind, he continues to refuse. So instead of harassing him today I am wishing the ice cream man and his lovely red headed bride (aka Killer and Morticia) a happy 60th anniversary.