Has it escaped your attention that these children have head to toe poison oak?: An update on the cast from Overboard (1987) (part I)

To celebrate the rolling forward of clocks, resulting extra hour of daylight and tricking of my child to go to bed at 6 PM, I have decided to do a  “where are they now” report for the the cast a little 1987 flick you might have heard of…Overboard. If you know me, you are aware that this is my all-time favorite movie. I can recite line after line and unfortunately for my family, do a little too often. My research has taken me minutes to complete* and I have used numerous resources, well, four – IMDB, Wikipedia, Facebook and LinkedIN. All totally reliable.


First off, I am going to skip Goldie Hawn and the always impressive Kurt Russel because, well, just because. For those of you who are disappointed, below is a photo to sate your hunger. These two love birds are my idols when it comes to marriage.

Let’s get  to the meat of the movie’s cast.

1. Edward Herrmann aka Grant Stayton III.

Mr. Stayton is best known for shooting clay pigeons off the top of Joanna Stayton’s (aka Annie Goulahie aka Goldie Hawn) yacht and whispering sweet nothings to Tofutti Klein via a conch phone. While in my opinion he could never surpass the glory of his role in Overboard, he continued to act in both film and television – most recently in The Good Wife, Treasure Buddies (?), and Price Check (?). And of course as the beloved pops/grampie on Gilmore Girls.

He was  also a giant, measuring in at 6’5″ and is known for narrating for many a special on the History Channel. Voice of an angel, a historically accurate angel..

2. Mike Hagerty aka Billy Pratt. I mean, they could have used his real name, no?

Billy, Dean’s (aka Kurt Russell) best friend, was best known for his ability to drink two beers in mere seconds, woo the hell out of a bowling alley attendant and doctor Goldie’s photos so well she believed she was in the navy. She was in the NAVY!

Look at that raw talent! Billy was a real natural when it came to layout and design.

So what has he done since the 1987 pinnacle (again, my humble opinion) of his career? Well in 2011 he starred alongside Mr. Herrmann in “A Christmas Wish” – so happy to see Overboard success stories keeping in touch. He was also in a 2009 episode of Monk…which ups his rankings in my book.  And a whole lot of single episode gigs plus V.I. Warshawski. I mean, how can you beat that? Billy is one of my favorite characters in film – a real pal willing to go the extra mile for a friend. Even if that meant taking the blame for an suspicious pair of panties found in Dean’s truck. Friendship people, friendship.

3. Jared Rushton aka Charlie Proffitt aka twin

Let’s be honest – he was the brains behind the motley crue of Proffitt boys. Gluing Annie’s hands to her plates? Oh yes. He wore his sunglasses at night. Literally. In my research, I came across a blog entitled washedupcelebrities.blogspot.com. First off, Rushton is not a washed up celebrity; you can’t go any higher after a movie like Overboard. And secondly, everything on this website is BS – see for yourself.

Jared is a former child star best known for his acting roles in the movies Big and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

WHAT Insanity. Rick Moranis and his giant bugs don’t have anything on the amazing inventiveness of Charlie. I am disgusted.

Jared has since moved on from the cinema to the music industry where he is in two independent bands.


I checked out Deal by Dusks facebook page and came across this gem – as far as I am concerned, Jared will always be the maximum.

4. Next up is Brian Price aka Travis Proffitt aka Roy.
Roy has been a name considered for animal and child alike for KJY and myself since watching this movie 15 years ago. Key chains, cats and now now my child all sport these three sweet yet powerful letters as their (nick) names. Travis was the eldest of the three Proffitt boys and struggled with a smut “habit”. Apparently he made $25K for his role (according to IMDB) – I would have paid him ten times that. Plus he is from Illinois and as a result, I am now a little more proud to call myself a FIB. I did a little Interwebs stalking and it and it appears he was bit by the entertainment bug for a short time – serving as a carpenter on movie sets (ELF, Duets and Leaving Normal) and moved on to  motivational speaking? You tell me – does young  B. Price look like the older version of B. Price found via his amazeaballs blog  here. I am not 100% sure but I would certainly sign up for one of his seminars to confirm.

5. The third Profitt son cannot be ignored. Little illiterate Joey Proffitt (aka Jeffrey Wiseman) was the heart of Overboard with his flawless delivery of “Babaaabaabaabaaa” when imitating Golide Hawn’s psychological break down to Dean while she lay on the couch.

Like his fictional older brother Roy (and I like to imagine real life best friend), young Joey was also born and raised right here in America’s heartland. Post-Overboard, he went on to “star” in Home Alone and Babe. I have been searching for anything post 2002 (when he graduated from Iowa State) and all I can find is a Facebook profile. Did I send him a friend request? Oh yes, yes I did. Facebook Jeffrey lives in Chicago, went to Iowa, looks a hell of a lot like Joey and has Overboard listed as one of his favorite movies. Fingers crossed it’s him!

It’s totally him. Little Miss K says taking him out for a beer should be on my bucket list. Sign me up!
If you ever feel like reading the script in its entirety, download it here. You will never look back.

*Please note this whole project turned out to be a little more challenging than I originally thought and I might lie to you from time to time when summarizing certain actors careers or current place in life.

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