I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.

Well, it’s official. I am the worst cook on the face of the planet. Yesterday I had my 12 year old neighbor over to cook a cake and it tasted like straight up dirt. A chocolate cake from scratch isn’t that hard to bake, people. But somehow, whatever we baked up was essentially concentrated poison in crusty brownie form. So that was embarrassing. Plus her mom works for a fancy bakery and brings home personalized fondant cakes. Ellis really lost out on the “domestic mom” front.

I did watch Dr. Oz last week (don’t ask) and caught a lower-cal cinnamon roll recipe that I will likely never bake again because it took ten million hours to make ten little rolls…but they are tasty. I guess I should cut myself some slack and say I am a pretty hit or miss cook rather than “the worst”. I will wait for Ellis/Mr. Swirley to assign that title.

Ten PM cinnamon rolls. I wanted to make them for Mr. Swirley before work but that would have required me getting up at 3 AM to cut the dough. Please…he can microwave it like the rest of America.

EK is home sick today. He has an ear infection and is acting like a total jerkface. It’s 65 degrees outside and we are stuck inside with him throwing food at me and being forced to nap when he has better things to do like put stickers all over his face.

EK’s handiwork. I was too busy reading the new Crate & Barrel catalog to monitor his activities.

He has been so pleasant to deal with the past eight hours that I am drinking a beer at 3:45 PM on a Tuesday. Lovely. He has also figured out how to adeptly climb our bar-height chairs so that is encouraging on the safety front. Click here or below for proof plus us a little of the ole’ classic…the ABABABAs. Don’t lie, you know the song.