Caregiving Chronicles: Easy gifts to help caregivers survive

The holidays may be over, however, you can help out caregivers year-round with thoughtful gifts that will ease their minds and help pass the time.

1. Sundries. Stuff like dry shampoo and chapstick are often overlooked when you’re rushing to the ER. What happens after you sit in a waiting room for eight hours? You can’t tell the difference between the patient and caretaker. Travel-sized sundries stay in a bag and there when you need them most.

You know I write my name & number in ALL CAPS the second we make it to a room

All markers are mysteriously missing

Also, a set of white-board markers is surprisingly useful. Nurses can be stingy and caregivers have to be pushy when it comes to staying in the loop (i.e., writing your name and phone number in ALL CAPS on that bad boy).

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