Everyone wins on Mother’s Day

We started mother’s day weekend with a little sidewalk sale to clear some space for baby swirley. Got up early, put things on the sidewalk (under an ominous sky) and made some hot chocolate to combat the unseasonably cold weather we are currently experiencing in America’s Second City (note shearling boots and scarf in photo below). After making fun of me for “bargaining myself down,” Mr. Swirley went for a nice long run (12 miles) to prepare for his upcoming (ridiculous) races – I spent my time eating bagels and watching our neighbor Jeff play with his newly purchased castanets. It is clear who had the most fun Sat AM. (And yes, that is a sweet equalizer and tape deck pictured in the bottom left hand corner.)

Then we were off to pick up Ardie Ho-Ho for our first mother’s day together in, I don’t know, forever. As usual she was prepared for a trans-Atlantic trip and we had to pare down the number of shirts, pairs of shoes and hair products to a manageable size. We were going to St. Charles for a mere night after all. In addition to her luggage, Ho-Ho was using her walker due to the quick onset of tottering (MS related) – otherwise known as the grandma shuffle. The civic once again amazed us with her capacity to hold an incredible amount of crap in a tiny space. Once we got to Mrs. D’s we chatted, did some gardening and… FOUND SOME AMAZING MATERNITY ITEMS in the attic. I decided to try them on because, well, they are clearly awesome. I initially wanted my cousin to try them on as well, but then decided that due to her age (16) it would be uber creepy.

According to Mrs. D, they were all “sample items from Sears”. Harumph – I remember her wearing those polka dot shorts. Regardless, they are the best ever and I kept some choice items (bike shorts, pink shorts and polka dot shorts) just because. She hasn’t donated the rest yet…in case you are interested. But beware, Ho-Ho will wrestle you for many of the items.

Happy Mother’s Day!