Taco Tuesday.

Tonight we are having chili.

I am back from another trip to DC. This time we hosted a delegation of Russians and everything that could go wrong, did. Like what? Oh I don’t know…
– more receivers than headphones for the interpretation equipment
– interp. equip. left on the bus during a State Dept. meeting
– wrong schedule given to bus driver
– flags that didn’t fit into their base so I had to use a butter knife to scrape enough plastic off to jam those suckers into their little crappy holder
– night construction on 66
– phone STOLEN FROM MY BAG etc etc etc.

You get the idea. And on the last point, I didn’t even have time to react. I just marched to the closest T-Mobile, did my best impression of Ellis wah-wah-wahing and got a new phone at the regular upgrade price. Bam! However, in my rush I told the counter-guy I could figure out how to use it and still can’t turn off the voice that announces that I have an email and/or call at 20dBs. I also had the head of the DoD’s la-dee-da try to help me figure out how to turn it off. No luck. So that is reassuring.

Good news is that the Russian and American delegates were happy and I kept my job. I also got to wear some nice trampy clothes (finger-tips almost reached my skirt hem) because I could. So there.

While I was gone Ellis learned to run, albeit on the slower side, and aged about 15 years. These guys were sitting around a table talking about political mumbo-jumbo and I was doing everything possible to stop myself from crying after seeing this photo. I mean, doesn’t he look like he is 18?

I hope you guys are excited about his Halloween costume. It is as much as awesome as it is ridiculous. He will hate us forever once he realizes what we have done. I love being el jefe.

Wise words? Bring it.