I almost died this week.OK, that might be stretching it,  but I wanted to die. Saturday night Mr. Swirley woke up with a wicked bellyache and was sick all Sunday. Same thing happened to me Sunday and went all the way to last (Wed night). It was the worst. We thought we had food poisoning from dirty theater popcorn but it turns out we had some sort of virus. I lost three pounds, couldn’t keep water down and had to watch Mr. Swirley eat lasagna and Three Musketeers while I finally was able to eat some (very) dry toast. I made the lasagna for him, but still.

If you were watching/reading the news you probably know the world almost ended yesterday so it probably would have been alright if I died. Upside was that Mr. Swirley was able to stay home with EK and me to help out. He got up at 5 AM and shoveled snow that was about two Ellis’ deep. Then we stayed inside and watched it come down for another few hours.  It was a thundersnow situation which made me really want a fireplace and a glass of wine. Alas, no fireplace and though we had wine, my physical condition and the time of day both made drinking a no go. Let’s be honest, time of day really played very little into the equation. Regardless, it was beautiful and maybe a once or twice in a lifetime type of event.

our front door

5:30 AM – Feb 2, 2011

Bosworth Flats – we are the big windows on the bottom.

Mr. Swirley, Ellis, and the Hancock Building

Teaching Ellis to play in the street

Luckily I evaded the reaper this time around and am on a lasagna, Ensure and Slimfast diet to get my weight (and morale) back up. Mr. Swirley is home tomorrow so I might even brave the streets and get out to Ho-Ho’s to deliver a laundry list of items.

Speaking of Ho-Ho, today my friend at OPA sent me Ardie’s emergency contact list that she recently filled out. It listed both Mr. Swirley and me as her contacts. OK. Sharing a phone number. Not so OK in the case of an emergency. Hopefully it never comes to that.

Wise words? Bring it.