Smokin’ hot

Last night we welcomed a new addition to the family, Sr. Char-Broil.

This is not just any grill, oh no. Our (Ho-Ho’s) first grill was stolen off of our front porch/stoop area. Mr. Swirley is convinced that the scrap metal guys nabbed it and sold it for a pretty penny or two. We have yet to tell Ho-Ho because she will likely freak out at the loss since she grills out so much. After we realized the beast was gone (it took a while) we started to research gas grills (charcoal grills are banned) and let me tell you, it is a real challenge to find one that is as narrow as AJ Burke so that it can fit in our gated in area. We went to various specialty stores, Target, Home Depot – you name it. No luck. Then Char-Broil came out with this beauty, but it was out of stock everywhere. Needless to say, it was a very sad football season without grilled meats to compliment the Packers’ winning streak.
Then a sweet new year miracle occurred and Target started selling the Char-Broil Patio Grill. Mr. Swirley was near giddy, but I refused to pay the $50 shipping fee since that is 25% of the grill’s actual cost.  I know, I know, I am a horrible, no good wife. Finally, last week I checked the website and low and behold, le Target is offering free shipping. So here it sits in our “great room” – assembled sans propane tank. Apparently we are not allowed to use it until we get a cover, but we do have a heavy duty lock and chain to secure that sucker to our fence. Ah, classy city life.
Today I am heading downtown to meet my colleague for lunch. While there, I plan to pretend that I work in an actual office and not in my pajamajams and a nursing bra at home.

5 thoughts on “Smokin’ hot

  1. If you’re real Packers fans, you won’t use the new grill during next football season (whenever that might be) either. But that’s only if you care about your team winning the next Super Bowl (whenever that might be). If you don’t, then have at it!

    Sweet purchase though!

  2. Papi,

    Although I am petrified of vampires (before it was trendy), i wouldn’t consider myself a superstitious person. that sucker is going to be put to good use asap

  3. ASAP is cool, just not during football season. Vampires aren’t nearly as difficult to dispatch as Gridiron Luck – garlic and silver bullets will get you taken care of in that department.

    You know, if vampires were real. Dealing with the whimsy and caprice of the Football Gods is much more serious business.

  4. true true. we could retire it for the season and jay cutler could turn into a nice young man you wan to invite over for sunday dinner.

  5. I won’t deny that your man from Vandy is a surly dude. But you would be too if the best thing the press could find to say about your job performance from year to year was: “Well, she has her diabetes under control now… Which is nice.”

Wise words? Bring it.