Smelled of Marshmallow and Promises

Yesterday the GM and I went shopping for slinky dresses and then came home and watched Veronica Mars reruns. We specifically sought out the romantical episodes because we are teenage girls. What I like about the GM is that she isn’t one of those people who will say “you will just have to wait and see”, when you ask her a question about a show/movie etc. In the past, she gave me a play by play of the Twilight series via a 45-minute IM conversation, she will tell me the end of a movie if I ask and she was able to provide me the details of the Veronica Mars storyline no matter what episode we opted to watch. Who killed Veronica’s best friend? The GM reminded me. Do Veronica and Logan break upĀ  in the second season? Answered that too. These are crucial questions that will keep me up and it makes me feel more secure knowing she has the answers.

On a completely unrelated note, I think I should clarify that Ellis is not actually crawling but “creeping”. At least that is how the What to Expect the First Year book defines his current state of quasi-locomotion.

Wise words? Bring it.