Serenity now 50% off

God. Grant me the serenity to wait until Sunday to clip the coupons before I go grocery shopping; courage to accept that Ellis may need to sport a helmet; and, wisdom to know Ho-Ho will go through the Costco-size toilet paper supply by week’s end.

So I am coupon crazy. I mean crazy crazy. To the point that I get anxious if I don’t check for coupons before I go shopping. I event bought a coupon organizer to keep all my crap categorized. And don’t get me started on online coupons. Just yesterday I robbed blind!

I am not sure this obsession stems from being a new mom (though I have always loved a good coupon), managing Ho-Ho’s money and trying to maximize every penny, or being an Earley. Though Earleys are more hustlers than anything. Don’t lie Earleys, you know it. Anyway, yesterday I saved 40% ($70) on groceries. I called Mr. Swirley all excited and he pretended to care. Then he told me that if I buy something for $1.00 and I have a coupon for .50, I have technically saved 50%. Whatever.

So if you are behind a slow moving, coupon carrying person in the grocery line, have a heart and be patient. It’s a sickness being thrifty.

Wise words? Bring it.