Sausage Phase – weeks 16 through ?

I guess I have entered this weird phase of pregnancy where my regular clothes are too tight and maternity clothes are too baggy. I am dubbing this the “sausage phase”. Fatty Magoo is starting to come out, but more as a beer gut that cute bump. Muffintop wins everytime I put on a pair of pants. I have tried using the bellaband, but I end up feeling like I am exposing myself to Chicago when I walk around with my pants unzipped. No one needs to see that. So, I guess I will continue to squeeze into my already too tight tees and wiggle into my jeans until maternity clothes are a reasonable option.

Maybe this is what Mariah Carey feels like when she shimmies into one of her tight dresses?

And Happy St. Pat’s Day to my fellow Irishman. Though I have no idea from what County my people originated. Pathetic, I know.

Wise words? Bring it.