Roll out the barrels

Bad news first. Error 0146 popped up my computer screen last night. If you aren’t in the know, that means your hard drive is about as useful as a tape deck is to the kids down the street. Guess who hasn’t backed up her data in over a month. Yes, devastated is one word that accurately describes my current mental state. Baby pictures, videos, fundraising notes – you name it, I haven’t saved it. I told the IT guys that I will bake a cake for them if they can migrate my data. If that isn’t enough incentive, I don’t know what is.

A car blasting polish rock just drove by our house.

Now for the good news. Apparently I entered into some contest to cover our June-August electricity bills…and won! The amount we are to be reimbursed is almost exactly what it will cost to get a new hard drive. Serendipitous! I am still devastated, but slightly less so due to a “free” hard drive. Though yesterday it would have been cash in my pocket. Oh well.

Last week I blamed a sore in my mouth on Ellis (he always seems to get his grubby fingers into my mouth and because I am a terrible mom, has long finger nails with which to scrape me.) I now realize it’s actually a canker sore and I probably shouldn’t go around blaming my infant son for things that happen to me. I also probably shouldn’t eat/drink sugary things but I can’t help myself.

I just bought Ellis some noise cancelling headphones for this weekend’s Badger blow-out. They will be incredibly useful as I am sure we will spend the bulk of the game away from the crowd while touching very dirty objects in the hallways.

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