Rock star Baby

We are back from a whirlwind Xmas tour of ‘sconsin. I have nine million pictures of Ellis. Deal.

If EK was overwhelmed by people squeezing him in November, I can only imagine what he is feeling after this holiday season. Wait, I think this says it best.

or maybe this since it’s so cold out

My old high school friend Becca Dilley is an amazing photographer up in the Twin Cities. Luckily, she was down in Madison for the holidays and agreed to take some shots of Ellis at the Kaiksows’ house. During the holidays Becca asks that folks donate to a non-profit instead of paying her a fee. Baby Jesus thanks her. So does the Foggy Bottom Food Pantry (our non-profit of choice). It proved to be a pretty fun morning with the Kaiksow women fawning over Ellis and Ellis spitting up all over me and getting fairly pissed off by the end of the hour. Becca was incredibly patient so I think we got some great shots.

Is it wrong that I like the crying photos the best? Yes, I think it is.

My nails are so long they make clicking noises when I type.

So the rest of Christmas was a success. We went to a holiday party, hung out with Lady Jayne, NVS, G.U.S. and Sweet Lou and raked in some seriously awesome stuff for Mr. EK. Like what? Oh, I don’t know…how about some cereal and spoons from Santa, musical toys and books galore! Ellis was incredibly enthusiastic about all of his loot.

G.U.S. is particularly fond of Ellis. My favorite xmas weekend quote from G.U.S….
“He looks like a rock star. (Pause) A rock star baby.”

I hope this adoration continues when Ellis is older and has thick glasses and corrective shoes like yours truly (fingers crossed he doesn’t get stuck with both.) In the meantime, I am guessing G.U.S. will continue to squish Ellis like that little girl squishes Penelope the cat in Looney Toons cartoons. And sweet Lou will continue to be sweet. It’s pretty great.

Cousins gotta hug

After the traditional Christmas Eve fondue and wine session, Lady Jayne and I went downstairs and wrapped presents while we drank. That, my friends, is what Christmas is about.

On Christmas morning, Santa delivered with a flourish. He even left a note for G.U.S. The presents of the day mostly centered around dinosaurs and dragons – many of which were loud and required approximately 42 batteries each.  Then Grandpa Tom came over with Sue and Mr. Swirley’s aunt Joann arrived for dinner. It was delicious and I blame the dessert table for the muffin top I am currently sporting.

Mr. Swirley made two pies. Check them out.

Then it was time to head out to La Crosse, Wisco for some Swingen fun. I seriously love La Crosse. It’s peaceful, there is lots of food and wine, and it’s peaceful. I mean really really peaceful. I kind of wish Ellis would stay four-months-old because I am thinking the next time we visit he will be tearing the place up and I will be tearing my hair out. Oh well…we took advantage of it this year and slept in, ate too much and put our feet up.

Another reason to love La Crosse? How about Margaret’s Hip Hop Shop. Holla!

We also had the chance to meet up with members of the Deer and the plus ones.We swam in the kiddie pool and drank beer with olives (gross). I also left Ellis’ hat and my wallet at the hotel because I am responsible like that.

The next day we saw the Hausers – my all time favorite family. No offense to everyone else, but they are the nicest people on earth. Reason 128 why I love La Crosse. Ellis had to go and ruin the visit by getting all tired (babies….), but we had a nice time catching up.

Then it was already time to go drive home. Five hours in the car with a baby is pretty fun. Or not. But Ellis did his baby best, which is appreciated.

Mr. Swirley has the rest of the week off and has decided to spend it sick in bed. Poor bastard.

Happy New Year!

Wise words? Bring it.