Poop jacket.

Some fun facts about the past 72 hours

– I ate some bad lunch meat and didn’t notice until a few bites in.
– Ellis’ little friend Tater’s belly isn’t too fond of cars and despite what you might think, it is OK to park on a downtown Chicago sidewalk.
– Ellis stepped in dog poop and then unintentionally wiped it all over my jacket and hand. I didn’t notice for a few minutes.
– The world might be ending (it was nearly 60 degrees outside) or at the very least, Tom Skilling should consider a new profession since he is 100% wrong about this being the worst winter in the history of the world (so far…).

– EK doesn’t like getting his haircut. Too bad. Well, I felt kind of bad when he was screaming his face off, but he quickly forgave us post-haircut since he was able to read the same books he has at home at a pay-by-the-hour coffee play placeamajig.

– Ellis’  head is nearly the same size as Mr. Swirley’s. They can share hats, no lie.

– Our first parent-teacher meeting was a success! Apparently Ellis is indeed a maniac at school, has a healthy appetite, loves to read and did I mention is a maniac?
– I still find football incredibly boring. Weird. Every weekend I surprise myself with how little I really can care about something my husband finds so fascinating.

– Ellis’ shoes are NOT in the garbage. Do you know what is in the garbage? Dirty diapers, coffee grinds, banana peels, apple cores, wipes, pizza boxes (I know, we should recycle them), etc. etc.
– Baby girls are super fun. Especially when she is your future daughter in law.

– Ellis bugs me (sometimes). I am sure the feeling is mutual.

– When opened by a young troublemaker,  ALL of our doors now slam into walls.  Ellis decided that doorstops are so 2011.
– EK is going through a jerk phase. I am that mom who cannot seem to control her kid but I SWEAR I am trying (most of the time).
– Sometimes I sit for a prolonged period of time with my leg completely extended and then try to walk only to fall on my face. By sometimes I mean at least 1x/day.

Wise words? Bring it.