Plans are nothing; planning is everything. Cats in hats are also everything.

Lately I have been finding myself making a lot of lists. Some contain necessary reminders, others just observations. I don’t know if making such lists allow me to feel more in control of what is going on, or it’s just how I organize my thoughts – as random as they may seem. Here is a sampling:
Things I will miss after baby swirley is born:
1. Access to “employees only” bathrooms
2. Unrequested, but welcome smoothies from Mr. Swirley
3. Baby getting down to business in my belly
4. Eating more food and feeling less guilty
5. The free extra scoops of ice cream from my friends at 31 flavors and Oberweis
6. The G calling me with name ideas (last week – Adolphus and Charlie)
7. Elastic waisted pants
8. Sleep

Driving/Living in Chicago:
1. A one way street only means your car’s nose must be pointed in the direction indicated on the sign
2. Pedestrians are encouraged to wear black and cross major thoroughfares at dusk
3.a Yellow lights are a suggestion
3.b  Red lights require a count to three before accelerating (see 3.a)
4. Potholes add more excitement to your day
5. Mayor Daley loves Chicago but hates Chicagoans (see point #4, doesn’t plow side streets, spends budget on flowers, suit pockets may actually be lined with $100 bills, etc.)
6. Department of Revenue has a sixth sense when it comes to expired meters, but is cool with cars parking in crosswalks. Strollers schmollers.

Stress list:
1. Research cars. Must fit three adults, carseat and baby accoutrements and wheelchair/scooter. Easy peasy for a city car
2. Find a day care provider and actually commit to the idea of putting baby Swirley in daycare without my heart falling out
3. Eat more vegetables (still a challenge)
4. Paint, paint and paint. Never ever use flat paint again (our developer chose it, not us)
5. Finish stripping flat file and sell before baby swirley is old enough to lose an eye on one of the four razor sharp corners
6. Figure out crib and keep our fat, lazy cats off of its inviting belly
7. Continue negotiations with developer. Awesome
8. Meds for Ho-Ho (and figure out post-natal plan)

9. Have a baby

Today, Mr. Swirley added refinance the condo to the stress list. I mean, why not?

Good thing I have the Internets at home so that I can turn to my online friends to avoid a freak out.

Wise words? Bring it.