Papa needs a new pair of shoes

Another Wisco weekend for us. This time we had the pleasure of visiting with Mr. Swirley’s family (in town from La Crosse & Green Bay, WI AND Finland!). I definately consumed way too many calories, but worked most of them off through fits of laughter.

The kids targeted Mr. Swirley with their water balloon shenanigans. In case you were wondering, though water balloons in shoes may clean them of surface dirt, they definately leave a musty odor. Here he is being attacked…

And G.U.S. showing me a little something he saved for Uncle Swirley

We also celebrated  Uncle Jon’s 75th birthday and Grandpa Swirley’s impending (Wed) retirement. Forty-four years at the La Crosse veterinary clinic. Pretty impressive. More impressive is how thrilled he is to retire – congrats Bob! Your son is uber jealous.

We then attended Jess and Z’s fabulous wedding downtown. I have always wanted to go to an event at the “Gates of Heaven” synogogue and finally got my chance. The ceremony was lovely and Mr. Swirley laughed til he cried a few times during the reception. Most of the stories are too long and innapropriate to share – so I will just say that it’s always so nice to see old friends. It is also probably a good thing that I didn’t meet Mr. Swirley until Feb. of our senior year. Not to say he was a troublemaker, but he certainly was around trouble (e.g., fireworks set off in the house, natural gas leaks, etc.)

The former residents (minus three) of 200 South Mills.

We were able to spend a little more time with our favorite Finns on Sunday while frolicking in the hotel pool. I am sad that we likely won’t see these awesome kids for another two years – you can see just how fun they are to hang with.

The pixie…

…and the twins

I just like this one.

perhaps a trip to Helsinki is in the cards? Hope so.

On a completely unrelated note, I am currently wearing bikini bottoms that once had a ruffled edge and now sport a straight piece of fabric. Nice.

Wise words? Bring it.