Oh My God Becky

We used to play a lot of schoolyard games at the ole’ Randall Elementary. Four square, recess gymnastics, dodge ball, T-ball (which once whipped around and pelted me in the face, thereby breaking my goggles) and “wall” games seemed to dominate the schoolyard. My favorite was butts up: at some point or another during the course of the game, you would likely find yourself facing a wall while your “friends” pelted you with balls. Ellis and Willis would totally lose.

I even remember our school song.

There’s a school you’ll find on Regent Street,
Randall, it’s Randall
You’ll find this school is hard to beat
Randall Randall School
Shout it loud and clear
A cheer we sing for Randall
We work with a vim and we never give in
’cause we’re here to cheer for Randall!

Vim? You bet we had it when we were pelting balls at those poor third grade suckers.

One thought on “Oh My God Becky

  1. I remember the song as well – I actually sang it to my kids last week! (Don’t ask me why. I sing them a lot of songs and have no idea how we arrived at any of our musical numbers.) Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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