Nubs and stuff

Last night it was -20 F with the windchill. My hands fell off. I wanted to document my no-handedness, but I couldn’t because I was unable to hold the camera due to my lack of fingers.

Ho-Ho called yesterday and told me someone stole her shoe. It is somewhere out there with her missing tooth. I would like to meet this thief someday and see what he/she has done with all of the “stolen” items. I imagine a modern art mobile rotating in some museum somewhere…showing off Ho Ho’s shoes, teeth, earrings, cell phones, letters, hair gel, perfume, make up, buttons, lipstick cases, various creams etc. It is obviously a very large mobile. Maybe it has even won some awards. They would have to go unclaimed though; after all, he/she is a thief.

That’s all.

Wise words? Bring it.