Next stop, crazytown.

Evidently all of this talk about pregnant ladies hormones going nutso is pretty much 100% spot on. I have found that I now cry when I read most greeting cards, watch any movie preview or some cheesy commercial. Things generally get out of hand more often than not.

Examples include:
— getting incredibly irate with Mr. Swirley because he wouldn’t watch a particular American Idol contestant perform. Apparently, I felt very strongly that he should enjoy her performance. Funny things is neither of us watch this show consistently.  Worry not, she is still in the running so he has plenty of chances to tune in should he change his mind.

—  alternating between sobbing and laughing uncontrollably last night and repeating “I’m not mad at you” to Mr. Swirley while he laughed until he cried.

— tearing up at the preview for “How to Train Your Dragons” today at the movie theater.  Yes, this is a children’s movie. Apparently I won’t be taking baby Swirley to that any time soon.

There are clearly many more examples; the above listed are just the least embarrassing. 16 weeks on Friday – I am sure the next five months or so will be chock-full of goodies. Luckily Mr. Swirley is very forgiving and seems to find humor in most situations. Insight into my own wacky antics probably helps smoothe things over as well (though I need to keep working on that.)

I have, however, come up with a new strategy to combat this teariness/moodiness: Think of Johnny Depp in “Alice in Wonderland” and assume Mr. Swirley has a 99% chance of looking pretty similar in the eyebrow department in 20 or so years (perhaps more blonde than gingery). Makes me smile every time. But not in that creepy Johnny Depp way.

Wise words? Bring it.