It’s curtains for you Dr. Horrible. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.

This is a boring entry. I shouldn’t post it but it’s too late now. 

Before we headed out to my Aunt Margaret’s 90th birthday party on Saturday, I tasked Ellis with making a “0” birthday card for Ms. Carmen Pickle (his future wife). She was due on the 14th, but decided to bask in the warmth of Little Miss Krissa’s belly just a little longer. However obstinant Carmen may be (I think she is playing hard to get), we still wanted to celebrate her due date. We needed a card. So I took out my magenta stamp pad and embossing powder and got to it. I rolled Ellis’ fat hand in the ink and then tried to press it on to the card. It didn’t go very well and to make matters worse, I was too concerned with fixing the print than with washing Ellis’ hand. So after making the stamp look somewhat like a hand (or elephant), I looked up and Ellis had crawled across the room. On beigish carpet. And to throw salt in the wound, he made perfect little hand prints when it didn’t matter. Whatever, Carmen will still love him.

Then we headed out to Northbrook and sat in the car while Ellis napped. Yes, we are those kind of parents. I finally poked him until he “woke up” and we trekked inside with our caravan of baby items that seems to follow us wherever we go. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by three adoring aunts that scared the Hell out of Ellis. After a bit of lower-lip quivering and shoulder nuzzling, he finally settled in and enjoyed watching older boys run around, being cuddled by random cousins and participating in the family sing-a-long. This was my first-ever sing-a-long…we had lyric books, enlarged photos that corresponded with certain songs and a set of musical twins that led the exercise. It was a resounding success. How could it not be?

Sunday brought breakfast at our place with FWC folks and then I met up with Mrs. D and we descended upon Ho-Ho’s apartment like the two cleaning fairies you always wish would show up to your door. Mrs. D is a little crazy when it comes to cleaning. Just stay out of her way and follow directions and you will come out alive. Four hours later, mom’s place was sparkling and we found a few “missing” items that will likely go missing again soon enough.

I came home and Ellis was not only pulling himself up on any and everything, but he also has figured out how to open and close doors.

You wouldn’t think I would be so proud of this discovery; it’s like he found another planet or cured a disease or something. I am 95% sure he waved at me this morning and my head exploded.

Since returning home from DC I have become a hardline sleep-through-the-night advocate. This translates to an hour of crying Saturday night while I sat in his bedroom, 30 minutes Sunday and nada last night. I am sure last night was an anomaly and by typing this, tonight I will be faced with five hours of earsplitting, vein-pulsating crying, but what can I do? Sweet dream you lucky scoundrels.

3 thoughts on “It’s curtains for you Dr. Horrible. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.

  1. I ended up going with the cry it out method. I knew it would come to it, but I definitely put it off.

    Last night (night five) he was up at 2:30, but he had a really wet diaper. Lee changed him and put him down and he was out in 15 minutes. The first night I sat in his room (no eye contact) and outside of his room waiting for him to stop. It took exactly one hour and I didn’t pick him up. The second night he cried for 30 minutes – same deal, no picking up and then he stopped waking up. We started using nighttime diapers – not sure if that helps. I also asked Lee to go in at night if he wakes up crying (like last night) so EK doesn’t expect to be fed. I don’t know what the books say, but this worked for us (so far…)Who knows though! Good luck.

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