I ain’t no Martha Stewart

Holy hiatus (again). Every time I think about logging on to write some inane entry, something like laundry or vacuuming or showering seems to take precedent. Or I just stare at the wall and decompress. Regardless of the excuse, I have been fairly pathetic in documenting the past few months.

Ellis is now nearly eight weeks old and totally mature for his age. Well, he does think the blanket on the couch is hilarious – perhaps it’s the contrasting colors or he is already aware of my lack of taste when it comes to interior decorating. I am guessing it is probably the latter. He also agrees with me that sleeping is for suckers – especially during the day.

Aside from mocking our decorating scheme, I have learned a lot about young Ellis in these short eight weeks. Like what?  Well, he likes to shoot milk through his nose sometimes. The first few times this happened I was completely terrified; now it’s a parlor trick. He also enjoys projectile vomiting and could give Linda Blair a run for her money. He falls asleep when pretty much anyone but Mr. Swirley or I hold him and has honed his nuzzling skills. He loves being outdoors…taking after his uncle Austin in his affinity for the sun. Bath time is fun time. Dad is INCREDIBLY slow to put on clothes. Ellis can go from zero to 100 in less than a second (this means translates to peach to fire red in the face) and I have yet to figure out the difference between his fussy, tired and hungry cries. Gas is the enemy of all enemies and is the main culprit for me watching infomercials at 3AM. He still likes to snort. A lot.

He is also growing too fast. I know he still is a peanut, but he seems so much bigger than when we brought him home. I am pleased with his roly poly legs, but would rather he grow out more than up. Alas, short of somehow binding his appendages there is little we can do.

We found a daycare and he is excited to go to starting December 1. The first place we interviewed refused to give us references so we decided that probably wasn’t a safe bet for a pet daycare let alone our child.. Ellis agreed and told me to keep looking. We finally settled and he is thrilled to meet some new friends and show off his spit-up skills…so hopefully we will be ready to go when the day comes. I foresee the staff prying him from my hands but who knows, maybe I will be ready for him to kick it with some other people.

I  know it’s obnoxious, but I have to post pictures as I am now a mom and that is apparently what we do. I am like that woman at the grocery store who whips out her wallet to show you pictures of her kid and the little plastic case thing falls all the way to the ground. Except I am on steroids and can do it virtually. Lord, I already have approximately one million pictures to share. Annoying for sure, but get used to it.

                                           week 5

                                          week 6

                                            week 7

In other news, our cats love saltines. I woke up to crumbs on the floor this morning and teethmarks in the bag.  Part of me still thinks it’s OK to finish off what is left of the sleeve.

And dad finally got his teeth back. After a hernia operation gone awry (don’t ask), he was rendered toothless (front four) for two weeks. He really lived up to the Earley name. Unfortunately, Ho-Ho lost one the day he got his back. I am pushing for a nice, shiny gold replacement.

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