Hey Dems! Ellis will roll over so you don’t have to!

Our household has been following the proposed WI budget legislation and Ellis has become especially infatuated with the unfolding of events in Madison. So much so that he decided to mobilize and take on the brunt of the concessions for the unions. Yes friends, he rolled over today.

In other news, last night Mr. Swirley and I went out and celebrated his birthday. We enjoyed a delicious Italian meal that included bacon-wrapped figs and Stellas. Because he is so old, he opted for a healthier dessert – a banana pudding cake thing. It sort of looks like a steak with mashed potatoes and a candle…which would be pretty sweet if you ask me.

Then we headed over the the Violet Hour and had a drink in exceptionally tall chairs. It was very fancy and hip. Weird for us, I know.

The GM and CadillacJohnnyMic babysat for us so we could get crazy and stay out until, hold your breath, nine. I got a few text message updates that I think you might enjoy:

1. He is being a bit of a jerkface* but it’s all good. I’ve seen worse.
2. He and G are reading now. Mostly he is just staring at me in a surly fashion.
3. It’s possible he is into Jason Priestly. Shannon Doherty made him cry **
*Edited for polite company
** I gave the GM some 90210 trading cards for her birthday and she was schooling Ellis on the genius that is BH90210.

Ellis is currently biting his Chief of Staff’s (aka Sophie) head off because she won’t do anything to help him battle this budget bill. He is one ticked off FIB.

Wise words? Bring it.