Foot in mouth disease

I am the type of person that leaves a discombulated voicemail message and then presses every button on my phone in the hopes of being able to re-record it. I often send out one email only to be followed by a flurry of follow-up/clarifying emails because I am never as articulate as I would like to be via the Interwebs. And then there are my interpersonal communication issues. An no, the irony that I received my BA in PR (Journalism) and my MA in communication is not lost on me.

In the past five days I have inserted by foot into my mouth three times. Well, probably more than three times, but these few instances stand out.

1. Last week I was speaking with a new work colleague about boarding schools. He attended St. Somethingorother in NH and encouraged me to send Ellis away when he is of age. To which I responded, “but I love him. Er, I mean, your dad loves you too but…I don’t know.”

2. Last night we went for a walk with our neighbor that is an ad man by day and a creative entrepreneur by night. While discussing the IRS’ take on his business I asked, “…but what can they [IRS] do if you continue to fail. Err, um, (awkward laughing) not be profitable?”

3. Today, at our Gymboree class, Ellis was crawling through a tube towards a little boy named Luc and Luc’s pops. I told them, “Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite. Well, he might.” Comforting of me, I know. It was just a joke but I realized that in this context it wasn’t entirely inappropriate. Especially after Luc’s dad scooped him up and informed me that his nephew got kicked out of daycare for biting.

Good thing I have friends who accept my communication issues as quirky and stick around. Actually, I think they stick around to hang out with EK but whatever. At least that is Uncle Austin’s story. Today we met with AJBurke and walked to Lincoln Park. I got into not one but TWO verbal altercations (Post Office and random store) and won. However, I am sure my combatants are blogging about how they won an argument today too. Between fights, we went to a cookie restaurant (?), two bars (classy! we tried to go to restaurants but they were closed), a few other stores and Oz Park. It’s strange to visit a park at which you used to play when you were little; you expect time to stand still, but it doesn’t. The tennis courts are still there alongĀ  with the statues of the Tin Man and Dorothy but everything else is different. Ellis didn’t seem to notice.

Here he is being a dang old baby.

I heart Uncle Austin.

“Can I get some service?”

QT at Oz Park

Hugs and Kisses.

Wise words? Bring it.