Energy Burst

I keep hearing about this second trimester energy burst. Unfortunately for Mr. Swirley, I don’t expend my energy tackling awesome household chores like cleaning or doing laundry. But today, i decided to bake some cookies. And by some I mean five dozen. Then I ate about a dozen and opened the windows to make everyone jealous of the deliciousness wafting through the air on Bosworth Ave.

1c. butter, 1c. brown sugar, 1c. granulated sugar & 3c. flour (amongst other ingredients). I have to put these maternity pants to good use, right?

*** 4/8/10 update – Visited MD today and found out I have gained six lbs. Six! I am now considering pairing cleaning or some other activity with the baking of five dozen cookies. Mr. Swirley wins.

Wise words? Bring it.