Elk Snout (part II)


I am not sure how I could have missed the fourth Proffitt brother since I have seen the movie ten million times, but KJY pointed out that twin #2 was neglected in my previous post. As Grover says, “Oh, I am so embarrassed.” Well, let’s keep this yacht sailing.

5. Proffitt brother number four aka Greg Proffitt aka Jamie Wild aka Twin 2 was the quietest one of the group. His lack of lines (and my moment of ridiculous insanity) are no way indicative of his contributions to the movie. I mean, he wore crazy hats, yo, was in the midst of a pyro phase and, as Dean Proffitt said, was “the actor in the family”. Greg was integral to the success of Overboard.

I always wore my leather hat to my one room schoolhouse…
…unless I was wearing my button laden trucker hat. Glorious.

Where is he now? Well, the Internets lead me to believe that he resides in or near our nation’s second city. Yes my friends, right here in the Chicagoland area. I sent him a   He accepted my Facebook friend request and my subsequent inquiry leads me to believe he works in marketing – you guys can do the rest of the leg work.

And indeed you are reading my mind! How amazing would it be if we could organize an Overboard happy hour? Pure heaven – me and the Proffitt boys. Mr. Swirley thinks I am an idiot. Perhaps, but I know at least three people who would be incredibly jealous if I split a six pack of Old Style with these dudes. Time will tell.

On a side note, I am absolutely terrified of the powers of the Internet.

Moving on.

6. Portuguese garbage scow captain Mr. Tunatti AKA Frank Campanelli was a real catch for this cast. Pun intended. Famous for embarrassing local journalist (with terrible hair) Rose, Campanelli sang his heart out for all of Tillamook County to enjoy via K-RAB TV. Plus, he pulled the lovely Annie Goulahie out of the water following her little dip into the ocean.

Let’s be honest, he stole the show as the “Renaissance garbage man.” Though I can’t credit Overboard for launching his career, I can tell you it was a real notch in his belt. Following his 1987 seminal performance, according to the always reliable Wikipedia, Campanelli led a life playing a “tough guy” in movies and shows; his 6’5″ stature and Italian immigrant parents even helped him teach Deniro Italian as a young Vito Corleone in The Godfather: Part II. Unfortunately for us all, Mr. Campanelli passed away 2006 – but his celluloid contributions will be forever appreciated.

7.  Miss Adele Burbridge aka Doris Hess was a real something or other. Oh you know what I mean. As an esteemed teacher in the Tillamook Co. public school district’s apparently one room schoolhouse, she took it upon herself to give Dean Proffitt and his children the business. Even if that required them to take the Heinekan-Coors Miller aptitude test (Schwartman and Heinleken) while they were suffering from the dreaded poison oak. What a B…urbridge!

Well what has she done since Overboard? Jag. Caroline in the City. Night Court. Murphy Brown – need I continue? Well I can’t because I can’t find anything else on her.

8. Rose Budd (yes – that was her character’s name) aka terrible hair lady aka Carol Williard needs to be discussed. Though her role was in the film was limited, it was clearly invaluable. She was the first reporter on the scene and delved into the drama of Joanna Stayton’s amnesia. Can you imagine the pressure? Without her Dean wouldn’t have found the love of his life…his Katarina.

Following her pivotal role in Overboard,Williard stole the show in Pretty Woman as sales lady #3 in the Rodeo Drive boutique snubbing  of Julia Roberts scene. From frumpy newscaster to snotty saleslady – this woman refused to be type casted..

Impressed with her versatility? I certainly am.

In searching for an update on her current position in life I ran across this little youtube gem – you think it’s her? You might not immediately recognize Ms. Williard because, according to her, she has smoked ten million cigarettes since 1987, but it totally is.

Plus I am proud she stopped smoking.God bless her.

9. We can’t wrap up this little research project without talking about Ms. Tofuitti Klein ein ein ein aka Lisa Beth Ross. She was one of Grant Stayton’s new girlfriends after Mrs. Joanna fell off her yacht – but she was by far the most intriguing. She only had one line, but she delivered it with gusto. Check it out below.

Where is that conch-loving lady now? Still on IMDB.

I guess she only exists on the interwebs. Oh well.

So that is that. I know there a bunch more cast members that can be discussed at a future date – unless one of you wants to pick up the ball.

Hugs and kisses.

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  1. Mark A. Randall –
    1. You are RIGHT! I cannot believe I made such a blunder. I would like to blame it on my harriedness (is that a word?) after realizing I missed a Proffitt brother…but honestly all I can feel is shame

    2. It’s awesome that you know this fact! Thanks!

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