Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

I cleaned out the ole closet this weekend and let me tell you, boy were there some real gems hanging out in there. Let’s see, there was the pseudo-denim skirt I purchased in the Czech Republic in 2000. Then the silk blouse my dad kindly purchased for me in 2000 just before my first job interview – worn exactly twice (also to my second job interview).

Then there was the bag of clothes my mom gave to me when I was pregnant. Note to Ho-Ho, just because I am pregnant doesn’t mean I shrunk to 5’3″ and wear size XXL deep -dresses and “sheaths”. A few Old Navy sweaters that were just a ridiculous purchase for a number of reasons and the coup de grace, maternity clothing that was given to me by my aunt as a gag…however, for whatever reason I held on to them (and maybe wore them…cough cough.)
Yes, those are maternity bicycle shorts.
All of these clothes are still sitting in a bag in our hallway in case you are interested in putting dibs on anything. They are going to be donated tomorrow, or whenever I decide to actually drop them off. 
Mr. Swirley is downstairs and might die from an ear infection. The poor guy is waiting for his eardrum to explode…for the second time in six weeks. The last time we went to the MD, he told Mr. Swirley that an exploding eardrum is natural and healthy. I pretty much feel like that is 100% false. Especially since this MD told me I could take sudafed while nursing and my milk wouldn’t dry up. Opinions about our doctor aside, it is almost certain that Mr. Swirley will need to get ear tubes shoved in his tiny earholes sometime in the near future. 
This weekend marked the first real snow for the Chicagoland area. EK seemed to enjoy it and because Mr. Swirley is very concerned about Ellis getting frostbit while we play outside, today we went to Patagonia and purchased two pairs of fancy Smartwool socks that cost the equivalent of a semester of out-of-state tuition at  ‘sconsin. But damn will his tootsies be warm!
First time sledding!

Believe it or not, Ellis is laughing in this photo.

Baby got back.
We also spent a little bit of time at the Children’s Museum and running around Navy Pier to burn off some energy and frustrate ourselves by attempting to navigate through the hoards of tourists. Then we let our child loose on the escalator. Don’t worry, it was out of order. Super decisions all around.
Looking westward.
Let me know about those clothes. For real. And I still love Friday Night Lights. Where have I been the past six years?

Wise words? Bring it.