Cats and dogs living together (in Tillamook Co., OR)

Two posts in one day. I know – out of control. But people need to be alerted to the coming tragedy. The classic 1987 comedy, Overboard (possibly the best film ever) is being remade. WHAT! No, Goldie Hawn isn’t coming back to play the loveable Annie (Goulahie) Profit with a strawberry-like birthmark on her upper left cheek.

Instead, foolish studio execs are considering Jenny from the block to portray fair Annie. Will Jenny swallow a bug in the back of a pick-up with the same panache? Can we really believe that she came up with the stellar idea of the Elk Cove Wonders of the World mini-golf course? And, will she yell “Arturo” with the same passion as she swims into the arms of the love of her life? No, no and NO!

Don’t believe this trash? Read it with your own eyeballs:

To calm yourself, watch this clip of Goldie at her finest (warning: some profanity):

Next thing you know they will be cashing in on remakes of “Big Man on Campus” and “He Said She Said”. Oh Roy. And who is going to play Gertie?

2 thoughts on “Cats and dogs living together (in Tillamook Co., OR)

  1. Did you actually videotape that off of your t.v.?
    Sweet, Roy.

    I’d like to see someone try to remake BMOC.
    It would be like recreating the Sistine Chapel on and Elk’s Club ceiling.

Wise words? Bring it.