The ultimate gift list for any 80s movie lover

Need last minute gifts for the 80s movie lover in your life? I’ve got your back. Check out my recent ChicagoNow post for a gallery showcasing goodies inspired by Labyrinth, The Goonies, A Christmas Story and more. You are welcome.

Five 1980s movies that will make you ache for a rad rat tail + a Netflix giveaway!

Feldman on the Wendy William's Show in Oct. 2014.

Feldman on the Wendy William’s Show in Oct. 2014.

PEOPLE OF THE INTERWEBS!! Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW. Today is the day you can finally buy Corey Feldman’s new single, “Mercy“. Awww yea. Did you know he has two others LPs?  I didn’t. One entitled “Still Searching for Soul” (1999) and the other aptly named, “Former Child Actor” (2002).

I love this for so many reasons. Mainly because it elicits a wave of nostalgia for my childhood crushes and hours spent watching ridiculous amazing movies on repeat while wearing sifting through my caboodle and eating frozen orange juice concentrate from the can. Don’t ask.

Lately I have found myself re-watching a lot of diddies streaming via Netflix because they are fabulous AND I can be interrupted a zillion times by a 3.5 year old and not lose my place in the film.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane, shall we? And before I forget, want to check out these movies for yourself? Like Swirleytime on Facebook and post your fave movie that makes you wax nostalgic in the comments section to be entered to win THREE FREE MONTHS of Netflix streaming service. I’ll give a virtual high-five to the winner on April 30 via the Facebooks.

Coreys domination.

Two Coreys domination.

1. License to Drive. I mean, you can’t talk about  1980s movies without including the Two Coreys. Sadly, Corey Haim left us in 2010, but we can celebrate his career with films such as this this one. Boy meets girl. Boy is grounded. Boy doesn’t have license. Boy sneaks out and “borrows” gramps’ Caddy. Boy loses mind as his car is brutally battered over the course of an evening. Boy is forgiven. Boy gets the girl. How can you not appreciate a plot like this?

2. Spaceballs. I am willing to watch pretty much any movie that boasts John Candy as a cast-member. Even Nothing But Trouble, which is probably the most terrible film ever produced. But I digress…

Take every sci-fi movie I never watched and make fun of them, throw in Joan Rivers, Rick Moranis and that girl from Melrose Place, along with a a lot of sexual innuendo I didn’t quite understand, and BOOM!  Sign me up!

3. Grease. To be honest, this one now makes me gag a little; that’s how many times I watched it. I had a thing for those pink polyester jackets and Sandy’s spandex pants,OK?


4. Steel Magnolias. What 10-year-old girl didn’t love this movie? Family in-fighting, perms,  grumpy old ladies and an armadillo cake. Actually, I probably reference it once a week; I really identify with Ouiser (aka Shirley McLaine). “I’m pleasant. Damn it! I saw Drum Eatenton this morning at the Piggly Wiggly, and I smiled at the son of a bitch ‘fore I couldn’t help myself.”

5. Coming to America. Eddie Murphy with lumpy make-up, a giant fur coat and Soul Glo. Enough said.


But Netflix doesn’t stream all of the goodies from the 1980s. So fancypants execs, if you are listening, let’s get the following up and running so I can spend even more time ignoring my kid introduce my kid to the awesomeness that was the 1980s: Beetlejuice, The Shining, Jumping Jack Flash, Uncle Buck, The Burbs, Labyrinth, Little Monsters and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, Overboard.
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Netflix Enables Nerdiness

I recently joined up with Netflix‘s Stream Team to spend hours staring at the TV devote a reasonable amount of time checking out programs and blathering about them via the Interwebs. IT’S A COMPLETELY VALID EXCUSE TO WATCH TV, PEOPLE! How much better can it get?

In our house, we spend a lot of time watching “nerdy” shows. Like what? I don’t know…how about Mythbusters marathons so long we pop blood vessels in our googley eyeballs? I  guess it’s not much of a surprise since we went on a Robot Date Night a few months ago. And one of us is an Electrical Engineer (hint: it’s not me and my kid can’t yet tie his shoes).

Plus, who doesn’t like gingers and sexy berets?

Anyway, now that we have a kid, maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t promote experiments that end in mass explosions, floods or the general destruction of pretty much anything for the sake of fun science. Hypotheses about snow melting and the mixing of paint colors are about as nuts as we get up in here.

Tphoto(3)hus, I would like to introduce you to the newest members of our nerdy family: the Animal Mechanicals, who hail from America’s top-hat. Here is young EK explaining just how much he loves these Canadian characters to his preschool friend (lower left petal).

Basically, the little dudes get a mission, shape-shift into various tools, vehicles and the like, and save the day.

Dear LORD, is our kid obsessed. Every morning we discuss the respective names, qualities and skills of each character. And, if “we” listen throughout the day, “we” close out the night with two 12 minute episodes. I actually think it’s a pretty great show as it coincides with EK’s new interest in Legos and pretty much everything we do when it comes to home projects. See, friends, learning can be fun! Right?

Look at these cute little robot-transformer-tool-animal thingies!

Look at these cute little robot-transformer-tool-animal thingies!

Then we rush him off to bed so Mr. Swirley and I can watch the second season of House of Cards, HA! Who am I kidding? We binged-watched the entire delicious season its first week out.

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