Chicagoland’s Language Stars offers early bird discounts + chance to win a YEAR of language classes

During one of my son’s recent information inquisitions (WILL IT EVER END?), I couldn’t recall the Spanish translation for purple. This wouldn’t bother me except for the fact that I took VERY PAINFUL years of Spanish in high school. Oh, and the translation is essentially the same word in English as it is in Spanish: Púrpura

Ellis, my kid, knows how to count from zero to ten in Spanish and list off a rainbow of colors – just from taking a class once a week at his preschool. He loves learning Spanish and doesn’t get stressed out like yours truly over the hell that is learning grammar in a foreign language. It’s actually pretty spectacular to see someone enjoying learning a new language for the sake of learning.

Learning through play every day at Language Stars

Learning through play every day at Language Stars

Thus, we are considering enrolling him in a more formal foreign language program to enable his little brain soak up as much of that goodness while it’s still so open to new experiences and lessons. Plus, it’s awesome to have an interpreter on-hand when and if we need it.

Sevilla, anyone?

Chicagoland’s Language Stars offers foreign language classes for children ages 1 – 10 years old, in 15 city and suburban locations. Como? Si. Utilizing a high-energy, FunImmersion® method of instruction, students learn a foreign language through games, art projects, music and more. Choose from Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, French, Arabic and German curricula.

If you opt to enroll your child in Language Stars’ 2014-2015 academic year language program by Wednesday June 4, you can save up to $100 off tuition with their early bird discount! Plus, they’re giving away an entire academic year enrollment (nine months of one language at any Chicago LS center) which is valued at approximately $1800.

Check out Language Stars’ website for more detailed program information (e.g. parent & tot and kids only classes, summer camp, etc.) and click here to take advantage of the early bird discount! To enter for a free academic year of language classes click here and cross your fingers.

birdAs with most things in life, pájaro temprano consigue el gusano (the early bird gets the worm). So get to it, pájaro!


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Visit Language Stars’ Open House to grow your kid’s brain and enter to win an ipad Mini

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Hola. That is about as much Spanish as I know. And, “[D]onde esta la playa?” (tr. Where is the beach?), because that is what the senora-on-tape said OVER AND OVER again in 8th grade Spanish class (if you could call it that). In tenth grade, my teacher informed me that I wasn’t destined to learn Spanish and I turned to the ever-useful language, Latin, to fulfill my credit requirements.

While I might not be adept at learning languages, I have mastered using the Interwebs to locate resources for my little one. In Chicago, there exists approximately 10,000 early-learning classes I can throw my guy into. However, I want to be strategic about this decision because not only do we have limited resources, but I want to enroll him in a program that is engaging, and benefits him in the long-term. So you can imagine how pleased I was with myself when I stumbled across  Language Stars.

Language Stars offers classes for one to ten-year-olds in five languages (Mandarin, Spanish, German, French, Italian and French), summer camps and age-appropriate kids’ only classes (can you say time for a pedicure?).

logoWrigleyville boasts the program’s newest location, with another learning center already established in Lincoln Park. If you are located outside of the city, worry not! Check out their 13 other locations in the Chicagoland area. Seriously, there exist more Language Stars locations in our area than salons in Wicker Park.

Need more incentive to get your smarty-pants enrolled (aside from knowing he won’t grow up to be like me)? All 15 centers are currently hosting a center-wide Open House for interested families to meet instructors, learn about the various programs, enroll in a free trial class and enter to win an ipad mini. Think of all the foreign language apps preloaded on that sucker! Plus, if you are a deal seeker like me, you can get $100 off enrollment. BOOM! It’s like they are paying you to educate your child.

When it comes down to it, I don’t want EK to struggle like I did with foreign languages. Countless studies report that not only is a second language easier to learn at a younger age, but it provides these tiny humans with a leg up when it’s time for them to begin their careers and start taking care of their amazing parents. So look out for young Ellis in class; he is the one asking people to direct him to the beach.

I have been compensated by Language Stars for my review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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