By “fight the man” I mean “just suck it up, pay him and go cry into your beer”

Mr. Swirley and I have found ourselves in a situation that I think is absolutely ridiculous…even for us.

As you know, we purchased a new car two weeks ago. It’s a RAV-4 and overall I am pretty pleased with it. Yesterday I realized that I can open and close the windows while the car is off. Amazing, right? However, I will need to remember this little tidbit when Ellis is old enough to try to escape.

We also have remote start which will be great in winter. I mean, I am using it now, but it serves no purpose other than to provide me with instant gratification when I push the little button and the car magically turns on. Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out how to put the car into drive when I use this function, so I end up having to start it again;  thus rendering the remote start part of the process moot.

But get this. Day one of owning the car we lost one of the two keys. Yes. Within an hour of purchasing the new car we lost a key. It looks like this. Have you seen it?

No? You haven’t? We couldn’t find it either. So Mr. Swirley went to the dealership to have some aftermarket stuff installed (you know, spinners, underbody lights…regular family car stuff) and get a new key. Do you know how much this keys costs? Do you? $300 plus tax!!!!! What? I still throw up a little when I think about it. I asked them for the “jackass discount”, which is apparently 20%. Little Miss Krissa told me to pinch EK in an effort to trigger the waterworks to try to get a few more bucks off. I also called Friday (pick-up day) and asked if I could just get a regular key without all the fancy buttons and the manager said that it was a good (read: cheaper) idea, but it was too late. Obviously it would have been too difficult to suggest to Mr. Swirley the previous day when he dropped the car off.

But it doesn’t end there, friends. See this fancy rubber cup holder that retails for $50? I am sure some tiny child made in a hot, sweaty factory. Well, we lost it.

Let me back up. Mr. Swirley asked me to keep this car clean because he apparently didn’t like the dirty diapers, Walgreen’s bags and plastic bottles that littered the car and slid under the break pedal. Fine. So Mr. Fancypants got a little snooty on Day Three of RAV-4 ownership when he told me he had to throw out a few plastic water bottles that were in the cup holders. Gold star buddy, gold star. The next day we got into the car and lo and behold, one of the $50 cup holders was gone. GONE! Apparently it stuck to the bottom of one of those dastardly plastic bottles and was tossed in the trash like yesterday’s diaper.

Within one week of owning this car, we owe another $350 for basically nothing. And I have used approximately 59 exclamation points in this blog post. Totally unacceptable on both counts.

On an unrelated note, Ellis is now scooting around daycare and is stealing other babies’ toys.

2 thoughts on “By “fight the man” I mean “just suck it up, pay him and go cry into your beer”

  1. How so? I throw semicolons into the mix far too often? I like to push buttons? I am angry that things cost too much? I leave massive amounts of garbage in my car? There are so many embarrassing truths in this post. Oh wait, you mean the key and the cup holder? Mhmm.

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