Today Ardie Ho-Ho and I took a trip to the Rush Oak Park MRI center. It has taken a year for me to convince her to go. She is certain she is allergic to gadolinium (contrast), which is unfortunate because:
1)  it is the one true marker that helps MDs track her disease; and,
2) she is not actually allergic.
A new bit of the story came out today when she told me that the last time she had an MRI with gadolinium, she couldn’t speak spontaneously, however, she could write out a sentence and then read it out loud. Obviously.

So after much pressure, and some Benadryl as pretreatment, she took the plunge. Don’t worry, she can speak, but, the tech did ask me if she was wearing a wig. Why, you ask? Because the outline of her skull was glowing. Like the corona of the sun, glowing. I said no to the wig, but she certainly uses hair products by the bucketful. “Ahh”, said the tech said as she she scrolled through the images showing various layers of Ardie’s brain. I told Ho-Ho outside about the weird scalp glow visible on the MRI and she waived it off with a “Can we stop at Walgreen’s? I need more conditioner.”

*** 4/7/10 Update: MD reported no real changes in her condition between 2009 and 2010 – which is great news. Maybe the conditioner is the key.

Wise words? Bring it.