Bow and arrow always trumps loperamide

This weekend was an eventful one. Met up with some old friends, painted a bit more, shopped and oh, went to the ER after Ho-Ho decided to take 22 Imodiums in 24 hours. That made Sunday something special. I of course sympathize with her plight; no one wants stomach problems for an entire day. However, a massive dose of Imodium doesn’t seem like the answer. Perhaps a call to an MD would be a better option, but unfortunately Ho-Ho likes to live on the wild side. And that meant a call to poison control and an adventure at Rush Oak Park ER.

The last time I was at an ER was this past January when we went during a particularly painful bout of bursitis. Swedish Covenant has a fireplace in the lobby, private rooms with closing glass doors and ….cable! Apparently this is not the norm as Rush offered none of these amenities. But they did boast a wild spitter with a panache for vulgarity…brought in courtesy of the Oak Park police. For five hours, while Ho-Ho’s heart was being monitored (apparently loperamide — Imodium — can cause a sudden and very dangerous drop in blood pressure and heart functioning), we were privy to the spitters complaints and rants while the nurses shuffled in an out of our curtained space doing everything possible to avoid eye contact and answer any questions regarding Ardie’s status. We had an incredible time getting anyone to talk to us and though plastic bucket chairs may be economical, they are not friendly to backs…especially pregnant ones. I did snag a comfy chair for about 15 minutes, but then an MD took it for the rest of the day. Seems about right.

Throughout our entire stay, Ho-Ho maintained that the dosage was a necessary one and that she was fine. After an EKG, about a zillion bathroom breaks and lots of other beeping machines were hooked up to her for five hours (did I already mention that? FIVE HOURS!), I found out that she was apparently fine and dandy. The sensitive, pony-tailed MD barely spoke to us, and when he did, told me that we should call her PCP tomorrow. I asked if she should avoid an diuretics life caffeine – he asked me what I meant. Very reassuring.

Upon departing, she was one IV bag of fluid richer and I was on the edge of going bonkers. When I got home, I talked to my favorite castanet playing (do you play them?) neighbor Jeff who informed me that his cousin has shot himself in the neck with a bow and arrow earlier in the day. I didn’t think things could get any worse on Sunday, but for our hunter friend, they did. I guess it was some necessary perspective. But, I did lock up the Imodium.

**5/26/10 update – Another round of waiting room tours and MD visits has taught us to never take Maalox and Imodium simultaneously as they counteract each other in the worst possible way. You can take up to six Immodiums per day (she looked at me as if that somehow made her ingesting 22 reasonable) and that doctors love to make you wait over an hour to tell you something simple. So there you go. No harm, no foul…except for the spitter.

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