Bloody Marys, two for tea, Bubble bath and TV

A few weeks ago Mr. Swirley turned the AC on and told me we didn’t have to close the windows near the ceiling because the heat rises and needs to escape. So I complied…for the entire week. Turns out he was just too lazy to pull a chair over to close them and I took his words at face value.
While at Walgreen’s last week, Ellis started to play with the Chris the Pharmacist’s daughter, Ellie. She is 19 months old and pretty awesome. Not only did she share her O’s with him, but when I commented on her heart sticker, she peeled it off, ripped it in half and gave it to Ellis. He then threw it on the floor. 
Recently we figured out that Ellis pretty much only likes cold food. So now we have to cook whatever meal is on the menu for the day, then stick it in the freezer to lessen the likelihood of it ending up on the ground. I love that it took six months for us to identify his food preference.

Wise words? Bring it.