Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Too bad mine sucks.

Today, Ho-Ho asked me if they make steak baby food.

I also noticed that someone hit our bumper. The NEW bumper that was replaced after our little fender bender. It’s not like a little “tap-tap” dent. It’s a straight up scrape and I am still pissed four hours after seeing it. I know the car has 100, 000 miles, scrapes all over from the time I shoveled snow off the car with an actual shovel (whoops) and a dent from me hitting a nice bright yellow pole while trying to reverse up a parking ramp (they didn’t accept credit cards! what?) But who hits a car and doesn’t leave a note? I bet it was a city plow. City life, yea yea. It’s still garbage.

Parking space dibs is full-out on in Chicago streets. I used to get annoyed by it, but I sort of get it when it comes to blizzards of this magnitude. If you spend an hour digging your spot out and happen to have a random chair or egg crate you can throw in the street, why the hell not?

And good luck to the fellow who decides to ignore dibs; he may end up with a busted window and a car full of water.

This is what it looks like when you walk out of our side door. It’s pretty amazing and getting fairly disgusting as dogs aren’t very discerning when it comes to relieving themselves in public space. I guess I can’t expect them to climb these mounds of snow so it’s OK.

Inside of our house, Ellis has also continued his screaming game. It’s really fun for all of us and I am not sure what to do other than pray it’s a phase. I can’t figure out if he is overtired, likes to hear his own voice or just asserting himself now that he can sit on his own and roll over. Who are we to stand in the way? He still can’t stop me from dressing him up like the awesome baby that he is. I am sure that will quickly change once he can control those dastardly arms.

I apologize for my bad attitude.

Wise words? Bring it.