Remember when Goldie Hawn sucks up all the cereal on the table with a vacuum in the Oscar-winning film, Overboard  (2:09 if you want to watch)? Of course you do, what I am thinking? Anyway, that is my first thought anytime I see a vacuum with a hose. No lie. Anyway, Mr. Swirley made this beloved movie scene a reality today. It was amazing. He came home early and proceeded to vacuum the entire house. When I say “entire” I don’t just mean floors. I mean the counter tops, stove, front of the dishwasher and plants.

See? And it wasn’t for laughs. He was on a g-d terror.

 (here he is vacuuming the top of the stove)

(and the veteran move of vacuuming stainless steel. Don’t worry, he used the brush attachment).

And they make fun of pregnant women for nesting.

Then we ran some errands and came home. I decided to watch the baby documentary aptly titled, Babies. Can I ask what is going on with the Mongolian baby? He is obviously awesome, however, hanging out sans pants with goats seems a bit questionable. Hometown (our cat) also agreed as he took a keen interest in said babe. I have to believe that after being displaced by a tiny, screaming monster (his words, not mine) he is incredibly concerned about the addition of any more babies to the household…even if they are only on TV. I was too lazy to take a picture of him watching the movie so you will just have to trust me on this one.

On a completely unrelated note, apparently there was a hipster passed out in our mulch this morning.  I am going to take this as a compliment as Mr. Swirley and a few other neighbors purchased the mulch to spruce up our four sad little trees. Mr. Hipster clearly recognized the classiness of our building and decided to settle down in the mulch like Bambi in a deer bed. Bravo Bosworth Flats, bravo.

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