About Me

IMG_8386The short: Chicago. One husband. One kid. One mom. Two terrible cats. Overboard enthusiast. swirleytime@gmail.com

The long: I’m Annie. I tend to pen posts about my active preschooler (aka EK),  nerdy husband (aka Mr. Swirley) and mom (aka Ardie Ho-Ho), who, incidentally, dedicates much of her time to making me want to punch myself in the face.  I also enjoy writing about anything that strikes me as odd or total BS. Oh, and the 1987 HIT, Overboard.

I can also be found on the Interweb pages of the Chicago Tribune‘s Parenting section, “Just Kidding”.

Since 2013, I have been blogging on Swirleytime over at ChicagoNow. I keep an archive of those posts here as well as sponsored posts for people/things that I heart and moderately offensive ramblings. All posts pre-ChicagoNow are also archived here in their entirety.

You can find Swirleytime  on Facebook and Twitter (@swirleytime). Please click here to join my spam-free mailing list for ditties emailed straight to your inbox.

Feel free to email me at swirleytime@gmail.com.

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