a way with words

Today marked the day for our 20-week check-up. While we were waiting to be called in for the test, Mr. Swirley spotted an elderly woman taking charge of a bag of Cheetos. Then he realized she had no teeth. He leaned over to me, and whispered into my ear, “that is going to be you some day.” She had a system that worked, so it’s cool.

Once we got into exam room and my belly was all gummed up, we got to see the little man in action. He was all over the place – throwing ‘bows and playing peek-a-boo (or hiding his face from the pokes and prods of the radiologist.) We were able to confirm 1) his gender and, 2) that he currently looks like He-Man’s arch nemesis, Skeletor. Soon enough those cheeks will be all pudge, but the ultrasounds really zoom in on anatomy (i.e., liver – check, heart – check, fingers- check) —  thus we see a lot of bones and such.

(tilt your head to the right and he is looking right at you)
My favorite image is of his tiny foot kicking my belly.

In  other news, last week I was certain we were in May. This translated to a total freak-out on Mr. Swirley with a “stress list” to boot. The list included: painting the nursery, cleaning the oven (what? don’t worry – it’s done) and eating more vegetables. After we worked on our registries (with help from the GM), he patiently emptied out the office-now nursery, agreed to put furniture up for sale on Craigslist, and painted the nursery. He then informed me that we are in the first week of April. I gained a month and he gained a few more weeks of sanity (or as close to it as we are going to come.) It was pretty awesome.

Pictured below is the evolution of the room. And yes, I did pick out that ridiculous green on a late night trip to Home Depot. We opted for a softer hue, but used the “Japanese Fern” green on baby’s dresser/changing table. It’s fairly badass.

Wise words? Bring it.