5 must-see shows to stream on Netflix this fall

Oooh, it’s August and that means “holiday” time for our European counterparts. Alas, my vacation days dissapeared long ago..and thus I am not gallavating around some fancy land for a month. That and I have a four year old, so even if we are on vacation, we really aren’t “on vacation”.

Cue el televisió. Should I admit this? Whatever. Mr. Swirley has been traveling and I can’t always convince myself to go to bed at 9 PM, so  I get to sate my guilty desire to watch crappy tv on demand. Once again, Netflix gods, I bow to you.

Because I love you all so much, I want to share the crap that makes me squee with glee so you too can waste hours living the dream!



1. “Ringer” includes some intriguing character including Jason Dohring (aka Logan Echolls) from Veronica Mars and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Gist? It’s totally plausble. Twin 1 plotts againt twin 2. Operationa sneakypants and chaos ensues.

COME ON! It's the cutest dress ever. I can't believe i Just typed that.

COME ON! It’s the cutest dress ever. I can’t believe i Just typed that.

2. As a nearly 35 year old woman, I am not sure I can admit I heart Pretty Little Liars. That said, I totally sought out a dress worn by Lucy Hale‘s character, Aria, for a rehearsal dinner a few years back. Based off a YA book series, a group of girls are harrassed by the omnipresent “A” after their friend “Allison” is supposedly killed. And they wear lots of fun clothing. It’s definatley worth some guilt-inducing watching.

3. Royal Pains (hangs head in shame). Plot? Dr.gets in trouble, moves to Hamptons, falls in love with local, level-headed MD, deals with excentrc rich people, corner-cutting brother and “real mediicine”. Oh, and in case you are wondering, Dr. Hank’s hustler papa is “THE FONZ” aka Henry Winkler.



4. Another quality must-see USA show  is White Collar. Why? Because Matt Bomer. That and a the plot is cute – former con man makes good by helping the FBI catch less attractive criminals.

Last weekend I threw out a Spice Girls address book. Nearly 20 years after I received that sucker. Sweet baby J.

Last weekend I threw out a Spice Girls address book. Nearly 20 years after I received that sucker. Sweet baby J.

5. Spice World. If you haven’t seen this movie, you have no soul. I used to watch this while working at the Video Station in Madison, Wi with my girl Susie. A customer even requested to speak to our manager because she found it to be somehow “offensive”. WHAT? Good thing I worked with Gen Xers who could give a sh!t what anyone thought.

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want to watch on Netflix. I am still lobbying for Overboard. Come on, suits!

“You cannot use pledge wipes as bathroom wipes” and other conversations with my mom

Below is an example of a “normal” converasation with my mom:

Me: Mom, what are you doing?
Ho-Ho: Knitting.
Me: You ok?
Ho-Ho: Yes, just mad.
Me. Why are you mad?
Ho-Ho: I’m not mad. I’m tired.
Me: Why are you tired?
Ho-Ho: I’m not tired

Oh yea. Check out my newest ChicagoNow post for more of this goodness.

Behold – a Netflix inspired birthday party

It’s birthday time ‘round these parts. The theme, you ask? Oh, just a simple, My little Pony – Lego – Science – Space party. You know, the one EVERYONE is having this year. Don’t even ask me how this will play out – we’ll most likely end up with a collection of cupcake toppers and goo.

EK’s been hot on these topics for a while. Pony, well, you know he’s a brony. The kid would have been in heaven at this year’s International Comic-Con.

I want to say all of these interests stem from our constant reading of high-brow kid-lit, but let’s be honest…Netflix is our friend on rainy summer days.

Beakman’s World, the Magic School Bus (especially the Lost in Space episode) and animated Lego shows (mostly the Friends series as the others are a little scary) are in the top five requested shows…on repeat. Animal Mechanicals routinely make his brain EXPLODE.



While Mr. Swirley was away, EK asked me to explain lasers. Since that is more of my husband’s forte, I suggested we watch Honey I Shrunk the Kids and called it a night. Apparently lasers don’t really shrink people. Tomayto, Tomahdo.

Next time, don't leave a lesson in lasers to yours truly.

Next time, don’t leave a lesson in lasers to yours truly.